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We create high-quality software applications that fulfill the latest required standards. We offer ready or tailor made ERP applications for our clients and our exclusive ERP application is suitable for Trading, Manufacturing and Real Estate (Construction & Builders) companies, Marketing and Sales Management, Purchase Management, Delivery and Logistics Management, CRM, Finance Management etc .,


Project Modules (Sample)-HR Module

  • Entries of candidate profile
  • Track candidates like selected, rejected, hold and reschedule interview level and reminder alert for rescheduled interview.
  • Employee Expenses includes Mobile Bill, Advances, etc., to reflect on payroll
  • Leave Management like Leave, Personal permission, official permission, on duty request with approval flow
  • Daily morning attendance report send to email
  • Attendance admin confirmation
  • Staff & Workers Ledger
  • Office Holidays
  • Overtime Management
  • PF/ESI Reports
  • Payslip Generation
  • Payslip generation limitation handle module
  • eSSL Attendance machine integration

Asset Management

  • Asset Purchase
  • Asset Assignment
  • Asset Track log
  • Missed Asset report
  • Files / Folder and other document maintenance for tracking

  • Create Unlimited Folders and Files
  • Folder can be Category and Subcategory concept
  • Create location for folders
  • Track Folders in and out log

Asset Management

  • Ledgers
  • Account Heads and Division
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Day Book
  • Journal Entry
  • Vouchers
  • Income and expenses
  • Receipts
  • Opening Balance
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Ledger Transaction report
  • Credit note
  • Debit note
  • byeze-customizederp2.png

      POS with Stationary Management

    • Purchase Order
    • Purchase register
    • Purchase return
    • Sales Estimation/Quote
    • Sales Register
    • Sales Return
    • Stock Adjustment – theft, damaged, and others
    • Front Office Module

    • Dispatch inward and Dispatch outward with approval/confirmation flow


    • Entry of Vehicles
    • Track Vehicles and their log
    • Fuels and Kilometer calculation
    • Assign Employees to Vehicle like Driver, co-driver
    • Tracking APP – Android

    • Vehicle location Track
    • Comparison of wrong path with predefined location path and alert system (Route
    • change alert)
    • Fuel management


    • Calendar View
    • Automated Reminders added from Modules
    • Manual reminders can be added
    • SMS Integration
    • Email Integration
    • Notification display on dashboard
    • Mobile App for Customers

    • Barcode generation - Products, Sales Bill, Supplier, Customer
    • Event Calendar for Reminder process
    • Scheduled SMS and Email Process
    • Approve on Click on Emails
    • Push Notifications on Mobile APPS
    • Scheduled Backup system for Data Safety
    • Shortcut Keys for Important modules
    • Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Computer Screen resolution checking
    • Encrypted passwords with MD5
    • Logs on records process
    Task Management System
    Calling system: Send recorded audio file from employee mobile to server using the mobile App (Android)
    Mail Client mailing system within the system. Multiple mail receiving system (e.g.: outlook)
    Referral commission by calculation and manual entries.
    Backup System Automatic scheduled backup process of database and file backup or manual.
    Multi Company Modules
    Role base user rights
    CCTV iFrame Integration
    Recruitment Exam Process
    Software Login with Finger Print and Scheduled based user rights
    GEO Location and IP record on every login
    Approval process directly from Mail As click Approve/Decline


    • System Study
    • Design
    • Customization / Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • UAT
    • Training

    Main Attractions

    • Inventory & Purchase
    • Payment
    • Debit Note
    • Cheque and Bank
    • Balance Sheet
    • Trial Balance
    • Daily Cash Balance Report
    • Logs for Daily activities
    • Automatic Backups for 7 days
    • Daily Reminders & Scheduler
  • Production
  • Receipt
  • Leger Master
  • Leger Report
  • Customer/Supplier wise outstanding
  • Outstanding Payable/ Receivable
  • VAT Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Customize Barcodes
  • TDS Reports
  • Job Works
  • Easy Import/ Export Datas from Excel
  • User friendly Interface
  • Job Works
  • Credit Note
  • Accounting Group
  • P&L Accounts
  • Trading Account
  • Cash/ Bank Book
  • Easy to Integrate with Tally
  • SMS facility for Promotions
  • More Feature;More benefits;More Profit

    • Simply Import Data From Tally & Busy
    • Cheque Printing
    • Configure Your Own Bill format
    • Complete Financial Accounting With Stock Managemant,Billing,Replacement & Customer Service
    • No need to learn Accounts or computers
    • Daily Reminders & Scheduler
    • User Rights
    • Advanced Fitler technology to generate customized reports
    • Automatically Backup upto last 7 days
    • Attractive Interface,User friendly environment